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Stress Management Long Island:

Our Goal

Today’s world is a fast-paced, stressful place.  Whether it’s work, school, relationships, children, concerns about health, safety, money, or the future…  stress affects us all.  Living on Long Island comes along with a set of unique stressors as well.

At Stress Management Long Island, the goal is to help each individual regain his/her sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  When people feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, resentful, or just off-balance, they have often lost their sense of connection with themselves.  Our own inner voice is a very powerful and wise guidance system.  As a result of the various forces/people that surround us, and the patterns that we have learned to habitually live by, we often lose this sense of connection to our inner self.  When this is the case, it is impossible to feel true happiness or be productive.

Each of us has our own unique belief system.  Our beliefs determine everything about what we think and how we interpret the world.  These interpretations then determine how we feel and the behaviors that we then choose.  While these thoughts are incredibly powerful, we are often unaware that we are even having them.  Increasing the awareness of our thoughts and underlying beliefs allows us to better understand how we ended up where we are in our current lives.  This new understanding empowers us to make new choices which helps us become “unstuck” and allows us to move in the direction of greater happiness and the fulfillment of our true potential.

Whether by working individually in therapy, or by joining us for our stress management workshops, our goal is to help each person reconnect to his/her inner voice and re-evaluate current thought and behavior patterns.  The necessary coping skills are taught so that participants are prepared with a set of “tools” ready for use when needed to tackle any challenge that might come their way.  Success for us means helping each individual to feel happy, healthy, and empowered to handle whatever life brings, as one moves along the path toward making his or her dreams a reality.

The power to improve the quality of your life lies within you!

Biographical Information

Lauren Altchiler, Ph. D.        Clinical Psychologist

For her graduate studies, Dr. Lauren Altchiler attended Hofstra University where she earned a Masters Degree in Child/School Psychology and a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology in 1992.  She received a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the State University at Binghamton where she graduated with honors in 1988.

Dr Altchiler currently has a private practice in Merrick, New York, where she provides individual psychotherapy for adults, teens, and children.  In addition, she developed and runs stress management workshops for adults and teens.

Dr. Altchiler provides the above clinical services within a private practice setting in Merrick.

For additional information about group or one-on-one sessions, please contact Lauren Altchiler, Ph.D. at 631.513.2921 or send us your contact information (below) and we will promptly get back to you.